A Billion Reasons Why SAI Should be Your Tech Refresh Engine

Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI) is a professional services company that guides businesses with legacy equipment to positive refresh outcomes with a proven Sales Acceleration Technology™ platform. Since 2002, we have reviewed millions of systems on behalf of our clients who have realized more than $2 billion in upgrade sales.

Exceptional ROI

SAI’s Sales Acceleration Technology platform, “SAFARI™” (Sales Analytics for Advanced Revenue Insight), has been successfully implemented on a worldwide basis by the world’s largest equipment OEM’s and resellers, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In today’s business environment where every marketing and sales platform is held to tangible ROI accountability, SAFARI is among the top performers, routinely achieving an ROI of 10-1 in margin and often reaching as high as 100-1. SAFARI refresh programs can be tested on a regional basis, proving ROI results with limited financial exposure prior to a worldwide implementation.

All In – Actionable TCO Covers Every Possible Contingency

The tech refresh equation is complex – thousands of equipment specs; pricing and promotions; service and warranties; trade-ins; finance options; footprint and green issues all contribute to the recommendations. The formula changes on a weekly basis and the work involved is significant. Most TCO calculators are limited in scope and flexibility by a lack of complete data and manual entry requirements. Changing a few parameters usually means starting over. SAFARI Pathfinder uncovers millions of upgrade possibilities starting with a serial number for each legacy system and considering thousands of big data permutations to arrive at actionable proposals that are fine-tuned by sales in real time.

Convert Thousands of Dormant IB Opportunities into Sales – This Year

How large is the Dormant Installed Base Revenue opportunity at your company? If you could make a business case that every one of your systems that is over three years old, at every account, should be upgraded to today’s technology, you’d be sitting on millions of dollars of refresh revenue. All you have to do is figure out what systems, at what accounts, what promotions are in place, and how to get the proposals to your customers. Or, you can wait until they call you…or one of your competitors. SAI combines your entire installed base into a single view (IBSV), automates proposal generation for every account, and gives you the means to distribute them to field sales, channel sales, or, direct to customers. Knowing you can tap incremental sales in your IB relieves the pressure of achieving your annual sales goals.

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