Sales Analytics Chart

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New Table:

Lead LevelsSourceDescription
Level 1AutomatedCasual |Website Visit |Trade Show | Article
Level 2AutomatedLengthy Website Time | Multiple Website Visits | Webinars
Level 3Automated/HumanAction Request | Download|Calculator
Level 4Automated/HumanAction Request|Quote |Meeting |Inside Sales/Eng Req'd
Level 5HumanOne-on-One Discussion|Clear Interest in Solution


Original Table:

Proposal LevelsComplexity and Committed ResourcesTarget Audience
Level 1SafariGuide Proposals–Sales Driven
Specific to Legacy Systems, (SN, SVC $, Performance)
Millions of Sites (100,000-10,000,000+)
Level 2PathFinder (Business DEV TCO)
Assistance Sales Driven
Thousands of Sites (1,000-99,999)
Level 3PathFiinder Other TCO Calculators
Driven by Business Development and Engineering Resources
Hundreds of Sites (100-999)
Level 4Includes Application Workload Analysis
Small Team–Days of Effort
Dozens (12-96)
Level 5Tiger Team OEM & EU 100's of HoursFew (0-11)