Founded in 2002, Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI) is a privately held professional services company providing a cloud-based business analytics platform that guides businesses with legacy computer equipment to positive refresh outcomes. Using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, SAI delivers actionable analytics built around its Sales Analytics for Advanced Refresh Insight (SAFARI) Engine, a structured database query application. The SAFARI Engine enables a database/reporting module, SAFARIReporter, a proposal generation module, SAFARIGuide, an automated, online proposal delivery/tracking system, SAFARITrak and a customization tool for SAFARIGuide, SAFARIPathfinder. All proposals can be delivered online via (SFDC) to field sales representatives. Customer support includes on-site and remote training, 24/7 maintenance and consulting services. SAI can customize standard product offerings to meet specific requirements on a fee-for-service or Non-Recurring-Engineering basis.


Since 2002, SAI has uncovered more than $1 billion in intelligent upgrade proposals for its SMB, OEM, and distribution channel customers in the IT industry. To see how it all works, contact us on the web or by phone to schedule a detailed demonstration.




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