Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI), is a professional services company that provides proven tools, techniques

and best practices to turn your legacy hardware installed base into new opportunities.

Installed Base Revenue Solutions Video

Our Process at a Glance

Our Process produces results…

  • Rigorous data disciplines for collecting and verifying client data
  • High value consultations for interpreting results and developing plans of action
  • Front-end and back-end customization of data intake and report generation
  • Seasoned technical and business process analysis staff
  • 4th generation database engine tailored specifically to unlocking hidden potential

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Tools to get you started

Watch our corporate documentary to get insight on our practice, Check out our calculator

and calculate your immediate savings, or access our in-depth white papers…

Corporate Video

• Customer Retention is vital to the ongoing success of your company. Are you actively preparing to keep your current customers? How do you know when your customer’s are prime to upgrade? Do you understand YOUR installed base? This video shows you how Sales Analytics can help!

Client Calculator

• With this Client Calculator, you are able to estimate the sales potential and aging of your installed base. Learn how much money you are leaving for the competitors by not targeting your installed base.

White Papers

• These white papers emphasize lasting solutions to existing installed base issues that many companies have. Utilize these to focus on your company’s installed base to determine if you are doing everything you can to retain your current customers – or if you are letting the competition have the edge.


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Sales from the Use of SAI Proposals0%
Customers in Installed Base0%
Tipping Point0%
Upgrade Impact0%
Legacy Systems0%
Customer Satisfaction0%

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