Data Security

security iconThe technology-based portion of the Sales Analytics process is a fourth-generation database engine, custom designed to target and close opportunities in the client’s installed base.


The database and search engine are cloud based and reside at a secure, domestic facility with redundant capability housed at a failover site approximately 200km away. Clustered load balanced servers and storage devices are housed in a concrete, raised floor, bunker-like facility designed to withstand winds up to 200 MPH. The facility has triple redundant power sources, and its primary power source is 100% renewable green energy. HVAC is redundant and all critical communications systems are N+1 redundant.


Data security is provided by redundant firewall and encryption systems, monitored in the command center onsite 24/7/365 by a trained engineering staff. Physical security is provided by state of the art fire suppression, video surveillance, smart card and biometric access systems.


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