SAFARIPathfinder from Sales Analytics


SafariEngine analyzes a customer’s installed base data and generates programmatic upgrade opportunities based on their needs and your product/service portfolios. It creates specific customer-ready proposals to replace legacy systems with newer, superior technology.


SafariPathfinder utilizes the SAFARI infrastructure with a different interface to assist sales teams in constructing custom TCO analyses in minutes. Sales can use the legacy systems data within the SAFARI database or add net new systems and customers.


Sales Analytics’ SAFARI process provides a turnkey installed base business development function. Each month we regenerate all of the analyzed sales proposals, applying the latest pricing, products, and business rules. Our portal gives your team 24/7 access, and we can deliver proposals direct to their desktop.


SafariPathfinder captures the savings in power, HVAC, and rack space when replacing legacy equipment, while identifying the increases in computer power and storage capacities. Additionally, savings in support contracts and the potential benefit of new equipment depreciation are captured to present a complete financial and technical basis to support the customer’s decision to upgrade. SafariPathfinder is a powerful, flexible tool for identifying installed base revenue opportunities within and across OEM product lines.


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