Proposal Scoring Simplifies Tech Refresh for Computer OEMs

Proposal Scoring Simplifies Tech Refresh for Computer OEMs

New Top Pick™ Platform Determines Optimal Refresh Proposals Saving Time & Improving Sales Results

PRESS RELEASE: Charleston, SC – May 21, 2017 – Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI),

a leading SaaS platform for the technology refresh industry, today launched a new component to its SAFARI™ OEM sales support software suite.

Top Pick is a new SAFARI feature that analyzes dozens of potential upgrade proposals for legacy equipment and rates them in a 5-Star system based on OEM Top Pick scoring models. Parameters can include cost savings, total revenue, increased performance, energy/footprint savings, ROI, and service overhead. SAFARI seamlessly loads and delivers these account-specific Refresh Proposals to field and channel sales teams via for presentation to customers in 14 different languages.

SAFARI Engine Overview

Sales Analytics was founded in 2002 to automate the Refresh process for tech OEMs. SAI offers a portfolio of services to determine the functional status of each installed system, by account, to compare all of the upgrade options based on current pricing and produce millions of prescriptive upgrade proposals that can be filtered by business objectives. These proposals can be emailed to customers or delivered to field/channel sales and tracked to provide pipeline management.

SAFARI Top Pick Maximizes Upgrade Sales & Lifetime Customer Revenue

The new module categorizes legacy systems into groups by account or site and feeds the SAFARI engine to create hundreds of proposal options. To save sales the time it takes to review these options, proposals are scored by evaluating their performance relative to parameters that are pre-determined by the customer. 

Automating this process saves direct and channel sales people hundreds of hours per year and gives them the best chance to deliver actionable proposals to more customers. Proposal distribution can be controlled in SAFARI, limiting the number of proposals delivered by account, or by sales rep and the frequency of distribution. Reps have the ability to modify proposals in SAFARI at any point in the sales process.

“Sales reps thrive and survive based on their ability to get superior selling proposals in front of their customers”, said Kerry Roller, CEO at Sales Analytics. “With SAFARI, we’re not waiting for indications that a customer might be interested in some new equipment – we enable OEMs to take actionable Top Pick proposals based on customer-specific information direct to decision-makers. The approach drives tech manufacturers to maximize the lifetime value of their customer base and gives them a solution to a daunting challenge – how to monitor the age, function, and status of millions of installed systems to determine on-going upgrade opportunities”, commented Roller.

About Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI) is a professional services company with a proven platform that guides businesses with legacy equipment to positive refresh outcomes. Since 2002, we have reviewed millions of systems on behalf of our clients and have uncovered more than $2 billion in intelligent upgrade proposals. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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