SAI Streamlines Refresh Proposal Management for OEMs

SAFARILink Leverages SFDC to Deliver System Upgrade Proposals Direct to Field Sales

PRESS RELEASE: November 30, 2015 – Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI), a leading SaaS platform for the technology refresh industry, today launched a new component to its SAFARI OEM sales support software suite. SAFARILink™ is a new app that seamlessly loads and delivers proactive SAFARI Refresh Proposals to field and channel sales teams via SAFARI customers can download the free app on the Exchange.

Every OEM that has been in business for 5 years or more has an installed base of equipment that is likely underperforming. Sales Analytics created the SAFARI (Sales Analytics For Advanced Revenue Insight) platform to chronicle and analyze every aspect of the installed systems and compare those with the performance, service and financial components of new systems to produce intelligent upgrade proposals.

SAFARILink Improves Sales Results

With SAFARILink, sales managers have the ability to deliver proposals and reports from SAFARI directly to their reps’ SFDC accounts; to monitor proposal traffic; and to consolidate information for more effective sales analysis. The new app provides each sales rep with the ability to edit and modify proposals in SFDC by linking the proposals to the SAFARIGuide and SAFARIPathfinder suites of the SAFARI platform.

“The SAFARI process leapfrog’s traditional lead generation because it focuses on business development within the installed account base”, said Kerry Roller, CEO at Sales Analytics. “With SAFARI, we’re not waiting for indications that a customer might be interested in some new equipment – we enable OEMs to take actionable proposals based on customer-specific information direct to decision-makers. The approach drives tech manufacturers to maximize the lifetime value of their customer base and gives them a solution to a daunting challenge – how to monitor the age, function, and status of millions of installed systems to determine on-going upgrade opportunities”, commented Roller.

Limited resources typically leave channel sales on the sidelines, waiting for customers to place orders. And direct sales is constrained by the time it takes to generate actionable proposals for thousands of customers. These deficiencies create Dormant Revenue Opportunities – millions of dollars in potential OEM sales that SAFARI can help secure with refresh proposals delivered direct to their sales force via SAFARILink and SFDC.SAFARI Engine Overview










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Sales Analytics, Inc. (SAI) is a professional services company with a proven platform that guides businesses with legacy equipment to positive refresh outcomes. Since 2002, we have reviewed millions of systems on behalf of our clients and have uncovered more than $2 billion in intelligent upgrade proposals. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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