SAI Services



SAFARI is the cornerstone to everything Sales Analytics delivers. SAFARI is an analytic process which identifies immediate sales opportunities within your installed database. As product vendors continue to focus on expanding their product line, offering both line extensions and new product offerings, they can easily lose focus on the proactive mining of business opportunities within their installed base. more


Accelerate Disti Sales


In today’s computer marketplace, major distributors sell multiple OEM product lines, worldwide, through hundreds of channel partners to accounts large and small.  OEM’s only provide sales and marketing support for their particular brand.  Wouldn’t it be great if distributors could propose solutions that address all of the products they sell?  What if you could automatically generate upgrade proposals for a mixed bag of legacy equipment with any OEM product line you’re selling?


With SAFARI, distributors gain the ability to respond to the end-user’s preference on the replacement systems OEM.  The entire proactive proposal process is customer-centric, offering resellers the ability to reach every customer in their installed base with relevant sales information on a regular basis. more


Custom Applications


Sales Analytics has the expertise and resources to tailor its modules to client specific needs. Whether your custom application relates to a platform, an integration, or simply a unique report or analysis, you’ll find that when the time is right, we’ll be ready to help you maximize the value of the analysis and close more transactions. more


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