Consulting Workshop

Consulting Workshop

The first step toward building an active refresh program is a Consulting Workshop that SAI conducts with key executives and staff at your company who will be involved in gathering the installed base data and setting goals for the program.  This workshop features a detailed review of all SAFARI modules followed by a discussion on methodologies, result interpretations, and proposal access/distribution.  Clients begin to develop their own set of policies as they learn about how SAFARI can be utilized by their sales organization. Typically, this workshop is distributed to remote client locations as an online meeting.


A key component of this meeting is a review of the first-order size and timing of the refresh sales opportunity.  As part of this review, training and roll-out options are considered to help launch the program.


Once the legacy information is in place, it is mapped to current product offerings producing migration analyses that become the core of your proactive tech refresh proposals.


Periodic updates of the installed-base data and to the analytics software become the basis for ongoing Workshops so that team members can benefit from the information and insights.


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