The Ideal Distributor Refresh Platform

The SAFARI platform is purposed to create an IB Single View for a distributor that identifies every installed system at every account, large or small. A proven rostering/deal registration module sorts it all out for channel partners and gives distributor/OEM management the visibility necessary to manage the sales process.  If resellers change on an account, as they often do, distributors can easily re-assign the business and keep the proactive proposals flowing.  Direct, inside or channel sales – even call-center sales – can adjust proposal parameters with feedback from the customer, saving time and ensuring that the customer gets an optimal solution.  Proposals can be auto-generated every month or once a quarter, and they can be timed to support OEM marketing initiatives.


SAFARI refresh proposals for legacy storage and servers can now include cloud solutions, an annuity revenue stream for distributors.  They can be scored and ranked to predict the highest likelihood of success for channel partners.  Proposals are typically emailed to sales reps or sent via SFDC, but they can also be delivered directly to accounts.  Once received, the rep can review the specific proposal sent, alternative proposals for the same legacy systems, and they can see any other proposals for that customer or all of their customers.  SAFARI allows sales management to track every deal and to build a refresh pipeline that makes a material contribution to annual sales.


With an ROI that often approaches 100-1, a SAFARI program can be underwritten by MDF from multiple vendors.  The proactive proposal process always delivers a positive experience for the customer and creates brand equity for the participating distributor.


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