Sales Analytics For Advanced Revenue Insight

Every OEM customer or prospect that has been in business for 5 years has an installed base of equipment that is likely underperforming. The decision to REFRESH this equipment falls right in-between IT/Engineering, Operations, and Finance.  IT knows that today’s equipment is smaller, faster and more energy efficient.  Ops knows that the demand for business intelligence is growing daily.  And Finance knows they don’t want to spend precious $$ on equipment unless they absolutely have to. If your sales and marketing effort is only visible when you have a new product to promote, you’re not bridging the Tech Refresh Gap – and you’re probably losing sales to the competition. SAI helps OEMs create detailed, proactive business cases to replace legacy equipment – a win/win for sales, channel partners and end customers.


SAI’s SAFARI platform is unique among sales productivity technologies. The process starts with a comprehensive review of every piece of equipment you have in every account in a specific geography. Data sources for this review include shipment and warranty records, lease and service contracts, and maintenance history. Together, these factors form an analytic basis that can then be compared with performance, pricing, warranties, service contracts, trade-in allowances, and finance options on new equipment to produce intelligent refresh proposals. This platform saves countless hours of preparation and delivers actionable proposals directly to the field via CRM tools like

Proactive Proposals Produce Results

Since 2002, SAI has analyzed millions of client systems and has uncovered more than a billion dollars in upgrade proposals. We have a strong consultative approach to make sure that our platform meets your specific needs and the needs of your customers. And, we know from experience that customers receiving proactive refresh proposals are more likely to buy, easier to retain, and more likely to be loyal to your brand.


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