The Sales Analytics Process


Once your plan for SAFARI is in place, we help you retrieve as much information as possible about your installed base – shipment data, equipment specs, service agreements, leasing/finance contracts, maintenance records, energy consumption data, etc. Our team at Sales Analytics begins the number crunching with a detailed examination of this information. We fill in any gaps about your installed base with proven algorithms that produce predictive data. We include your sales roster and information about every product or service you have for sale and we produce a first-order estimate of the tactical revenue opportunity or vulnerability of your installed base using reasonable conversion and loss assumptions. This process can be repeated for any reseller or channel partner.


Armed with the scrubbed, structured subset of client data, filtered through the expertise and working knowledge of the team members, and processed by the SAFARI engine, SAI will deliver one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one legacy upgrade proposals by account, directly to assigned sales teams.


Based on your goals for the program, SAI will create proactive technical/financial upgrade proposals once a quarter for every customer in the database. These proposals can be retrieved in a secure hosted portal (SAFARIGuide), sent to the field via a secure email delivery system (SAFARITrak), and custom proposals can be generated in minutes with SAFARIPathfinder.


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