Sales Analytics TCO Chart

FeatureSAFARIPathfinderRatingOther TCO CalculatorsRating
CustomersEasy to add new customers; access existing customers' data4Every analysis requires input of customer data can access only generic business data4
Analysis/Proposals consider software components such as operating systems; virtualization; licensing; suppportAny SW or HW can be added to legacy or target systems5Proposal components are limited to the existing elements in the TCO; typically not SW or HW of competing systems3

Ability to change costs
Easily changed or added to both legacy systems and target systems5Limited or no allowance for change costs2
Includes administration costsCan be added to legacy or target systems and wieghted5Calculated by formula, can be edited4
Directly editing target system pricingMultiple ways to add/delete costs and include discounts5Direct edits linked to original pricing; can't go back without manual entry re-start4
Automatically includes existing customer system recordsUpdated quarterly; available online in real time4Data must be manually input for each new TCO analyis3
Help/PPTX OptionsOnline help; auto-loads data to PPTX; graph options5Limited help; some PPTX not related to the TCO3
Edit/SAVESAVE AS clearly defined5Editing causes alterations, no auto-saving; more errors3